Miss M’s Boudoir Journey & How It Helped Her Rediscover Herself

“For anyone thinking about booking a shoot with these wonderful people… I would like to make this testimonial about my session. I’m from Georgia and after hours of researching boudoir photographers, I chose these wonderful people.

After driving 4 hours to arrive at the studio I felt nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. So I want to walk you through my experience…

I brought 6 lingerie pieces, 1 black bra set, one shirt as a surprise, my fire gear, and one very special pair of Nightmare Before Christmas cheeky panties because it’s my favorite movie. After introductions were made and I was about to get my hair and makeup done the butterflies started in my stomach. Sheekia chose this moment to come in and started asking me what my favorite outfits were (& it was like she knew this is when the nerves were kicking in), what ones I didn’t care for and what was a must for the shoot. She also asked a very important question… why are you choosing to do this?

Now everyone’s answer will be different but I honestly fought back tears as I said I just want to feel like a girl for once in my life. Being a first responder I never wear makeup, my hair is always pulled into a ponytail or a bun. I just never feel womanly. I chose my outfits that were a must and let her pick the rest. After hair and makeup, Sheekia explained to me the order the outfits needed to be put on, and if at any point I became nervous or overwhelmed she would be right there. She never left my line of sight. She posed next to me, if something looked off she fixed it… something as simple as twisting my ring back into my place or moving a chunk of hair out of my face. I have a huge scar that runs from the back of my left hip to the middle of my right hip across my abdomen that I kept trying to hide with my outfits or my hands in some way. Once they realized what I was doing they reassured me that it would disappear and to stop hiding it. It’s a part of me, it’s a part of my past, scars mean we survived. So I moved freely after that. I chose to do a few topless photos. Deon made this transition so comfortable and seamless. He stepped out of the room while I got into position and then Sheekia would call him back into the room. Ladies I’m here to tell you not once was I uncomfortable!!! Each time he said to turn to the side I did without hesitation and before I knew it I was facing the camera fully topless without even realizing it. Then he would hand the camera to his wonderful wife to show me a photo or two while he walked to the back of the room for me to get dressed.

I honestly felt like I was with two of my long-lost best friends. The whole shoot we talked and laughed. I will say these shoots are a workout but I was able to take breaks, drink a bottle of water, eat a pack of crackers and just relax whenever I needed to. I will be booking another shoot in the future.

Ladies do this for yourself. Feel like a supermodel just one time, be the center of attention, let go of the fear, and book your appointment. I FELT LIKE A GIRL!!!

I felt like a supermodel. I found myself. We all deserve to feel this way at least once.”

— Miss M

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