Bridal Boudoir with Sortie Boudoir

Lately we’ve been booking a lot of brides in Columbia, SC. They have been such a joy to photograph. Brides often share why they want to do a boudoir session for their wedding. These are some top reason our brides have chosen to do a boudoir session.

1. Intimate gift for their partner: Boudoir photos can make a unique and personal gift for their future spouse, whether it’s for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary. It allows brides to express their love and celebrate their bodies in a special and private way.

2. Boosting self-confidence: Boudoir photoshoots can be empowering for brides, as they provide an opportunity to embrace their beauty, femininity, and body positivity. It allows them to see themselves in a different light and appreciate their unique qualities.

3. Capturing a moment in time: Boudoir photography can serve as a memorable keepsake for brides to commemorate their pre-wedding journey. It captures the essence of the bride during this transformative and exciting time, capturing their youth, vitality, and joy.

4. Unique wedding day surprise: Some brides opt to present their boudoir photos as a surprise to their partner on the wedding day itself. It can be a personal and intimate moment shared between the couple before the festivities begin, adding an element of excitement and anticipation.

5. Celebrating their beauty: Brides want to feel beautiful and radiant on their wedding day, and a boudoir photoshoot can help them to embrace and highlight their natural beauty. It can be a chance to pamper themselves, try out different outfits and poses, and have professional makeup and hair styling done.

It’s important to note that every bride has their own reasons for choosing to do a boudoir photoshoot, and each experience is unique. It’s entirely a personal choice, and many find it to be a fun and empowering experience.

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